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Re: Puzzling over NFS4

Aldo Foot wrote:
> First stop rpcbind, the nfs. Then start nfs and rpcbind, in that order.

I did what you said. This did not work at all,, not on the desktop, nor on the 
laptop. On both computers, the script that starts/stops these daemons locked 
up and refused to start nfs.

I assumed that you meant exactly the opposite, so I started rpcbind, then nfs, 
and stopped nfs, then rpcbind,, in that order, and things went much better, 
but still no success.

What happened on the exporting computer: all the daemons started and a bunch 
of others were started like you said that they get taken care of, but I got 
this foreboding message: Starting RPC idmapd: Error: RPC MTAB does not exist.

On the laptop, using the reverse order of what you had said (the other gave 
lots of fatal messages):

mount.nfs4: access denied by server while mounting 192.164.x.x:/

What gives?

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