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Re: [OT] linux statistics

g wrote:
John Brier wrote:

for linux installs check out the linux counter:


thanks john.

there is also, that i have seen, but do not recall, a site that shows
stats by distribution, that i have logged but do not recall.

i guess i will have to wade thru a google search to find it.


There are no good metrics for Linux installed base numbers. Too many folks have to set their browser to mimic IE for some sites to work, so web based stats are no good.

Many installs are done on server hardware that never hit web based stats.

Many installs are done from local repositories and/or custom spins, and many installs are done over the internet, so counting iso downloads is also meaningless.

Most people ignore the Smolt prompts, or any other attempt to gather user based inputs for distribution counts/statistics.

However, within the limited and skewed numbers, there is some knowledge to be gained.

For users who get their distro via distrowatch, their numbers are telling. Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Mint are downloaded from them more than Fedora.

But, that does not have anything to do with the literally hundreds of installs that I personally have done, because I have never downloaded any iso from distrowatch.

However, in the last 6 months, over 2,200 Ububtu iso files were downloaded from there. That's allot of downloads, but considering that Windows 7 beta did a million downloads in a week, its not saying much.

See the problem with that comparison?

How many places can you get/download Ubuntu (Think DELL, for one)? It may very well be that Ubuntu is installed a million times a week. There is NO WAY to prove or disprove it.

Also consider that many Linux users would like to remain anonymous. There are privacy advocates at the highest levels of most popular Linux distros and at the kernel development level. If you were to think that Linux installed base numbers are intentionally hard to calculate, you might not be far from the mark.

Good Luck!

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