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Re: f10: fs errors; journal write error in flush_commit_list

Bryn M. Reeves wrote:

> Was there anything else logged?

logs are blank. this is shown in terminal view.

> Reiserfs is reporting a write error while writing to the journal.

in first of listing to screen, reiserfs was first of screen writes,
followed by ext3.

> Was a similar message logged by ext3 prior to the "ext3_abort called" message?

screen messages are in order as i listed them. not complete, but in order.

> Do you have any SCSI/SATA messages logged?

no scsi/sata error messages logged. there may be something, but it is not
anything related to errors.

> This looks like you may have problems with your storage but these 
> messages aren't sufficient to tell what's going on.

my apologies for lack of details in post. i was too disappointed in lack of
finding anything from google search and not thinking fully when i posted.

in this box, i also have scientific linux 5.4 and fedora 8, both with latest
updates, and do not have any problems with hard drives.

/dev/sda1  /     sl5.4  ext3 journal
/dev/sda2  swap
/dev/sda5  /home sl5.4  reiserfs journal

/dev/sdb1  /boot        reiserfs
/dev/sdb2  swap
/dev/sdb5  /     f8     ext3 journal
/dev/sdb6  /     f10    ext3 journal
/dev/sdb7  [spare]      reiserfs journal
/dev/sdb8  /usr  f10    reiserfs journal
/dev/sdb9  /var  f10    reiserfs journal
/dev/sdb10 [spare]      reiserfs journal
/dev/sdb11 /home        reiserfs journal
/dev/sdb12 /     f8     ext3 journal

/dev/sda is used for internet only, with sdb unmounted
/dev/sdb is used for non internet, with sda mounted under /hd/a/01,05

/dev/sda1 has a /boot directory and files for sl 5.4 only
/dev/sdb1 has boot files for all distributions

problem was present before mounting additional partitions under f10, and
before moving f10 /usr and /var to reiserfs, which was done for more room
to run updates.

in first post, i stated;

> from start of installation of f10, 4 months ago, to present, f10 has been
> having a problem of staying operational, in that after being up for a short
> time, it would bomb and have just now found problem.

to clarify, i had seen problem previously, but dismissed it and continued
with trying to learn f10 and kde4.

i always boot level 3 with initial login as user at vt-f1, and start kde
from vt-f5.

when i first noticed that there was a problem, i had kde running and went to
vt-f3 to run first updates because i was having problems with packagekit.

update failed, and i dismissed it as a kde problem. after reboot, i logged in
as root and ran 'yum update' without problems. rebooted and went to f8 to do
work until i had f10 ready to move operations to f10.

i have made several more updates which succeeded, and rebooted after,
returning to sl5.4 and f8.

now, any time that i stay in f10/kde, i get lockup after 15 to 20 minutes.

again, thanks for help. any further advice will be greatly appreciated as
i would like to remove f8 to make room for f12. [ i like even numbers. :) ]


peace out.



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