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Re: [OT] linux statistics

Phil Meyer wrote:

> There are no good metrics for Linux installed base numbers.

i agree. i am just looking for a collection of information because as you
put it;

> Too many folks have to set their browser to mimic IE
> There are privacy advocates at the highest levels of most popular Linux

which does not even mention all of the sites and servers that put out
false info that they are ms based.

i first tried linux when if came out on floppies and i started using
redhat when they released first cd.

yesterday was first time that i have every 'registered' when i looked at

all in all, being that those of us who do use linux for personal use tend
to be private about it, as you say, it is a difficult number to arrive at.

> Also consider that many Linux users would like to remain anonymous.

anything that works to keep crazies away. :o)

thanks for your reply.

peace out.



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