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Re: F10 and Gnome - not root login

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 9:57 AM, Aldo Foot <lunixer gmail com> wrote:
> # rpm -V python
> package python is not installed

You are saying that the affected system after fresh install appears to
not have the python package installed? If that is true that will break
far more than just firstboot..far more.  In fact its pretty hard to
imagine having a desktop Fedora system without python installed.

That's bad enough...but its worse..what you are telling me is not
self-consistent from an rpm based install process standpoint.  Here's
is a summary of what you are saying to me, just for clarity.

/usr/bin/python   exists
/usr/bin/python2  exists
but the python package itself is not installed.

That is inconsistent information.

rpm -qf /usr/bin/python     will tell you which package(s) the rpm
system thinks "own" the /usr/bin/python file in the rpm sense.

If rpm does not return with a package name, then I'm not sure how you
get into that situation post-install.   Unless the install process
itself flaked out and wasn't recording information into the rpmdb
during the rpm transaction at install time.  I would have expected the
install to fail with some sort of error in that case.

While its nice to know that your problem isn't firstboot itself, the
current picture painted by the available information doesn't make a
lot of sense to me. Unless there was some install time errors you
haven't told me me about...or you are probing the system from the
installer environment y mistake and not the system post-install.

Very very odd.

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