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Re: [OT] linux viruses statics

Kevin Kofler wrote:

> Statistics on GNU/Linux viruses? What's next: statistics on pink unicorns?
> Flying pigs? Even primes other than 2? ;-)

thanks for your reply kevin. one way or other, you can always be counted on. :)

seriously. i know that they are near nil for linux, and more for ms that there
are satisfied ms windows users.

i have seen statistics, but just do not recall where.

a google for '"microsoft" AND "virus" ' hits 35,800,000, in english. were as
'"linux" AND "virus"' only yields  18,500,000.

did find several sites with some interesting info. nothing yet with actual
comparison between the two.


did not find a 'list' for ms as above for linux. i guess that there are
just too many of them. :o)

peace out.



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