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Re: OT: wifi antennas

On Wed, 2009-01-28 at 19:36 -0800, Les wrote:
> To make this work, the antenna needs to match the transmitter for
> efficient power transfer, and it needs to be mounted away from
> interfering objects at least 3 wavelengths (about 1yard or 1meter from
> walls or objects as tall or taller than the antenna).

I would have thought about half that, for the wavelengths concerned.

It'd almost /need/ to be, considering that most people wouldn't have a
metre wide shelf to stand their access point that far away from the

Speaking off odd-ball wireless requirements - a friend of mine uses it
within a backyard galvanised iron shed between different equipment.  It
has to be the worst room to try and get good reception in the places
that you want to place the gear.  In his case, I'm suspicious that low
power and low gain omni antennas might be the best solution.

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