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Re: Windowmaker and NetworkManager

Hi Steve,

2009/1/28 steve <steve lonetwin net>:
> I am sorry, I assumed that you were a long time Windowmaker user. Well, here
> are some clearer instructions:
Thats alright, this is the best way to learn, tinker screw up and
troubleshoot. :)
I took on your hint and tried stuff in the autostart script.

> 1. Login in to WindowMaker and from a terminal window, execute "docker &"
> 2. Now, drag the docker 'icon', close to the bottom of the WindowMaker dock
> (that's the thing, the group of icons, that you'll probably see on the top
> right). When you bring it  close enough, the icon will attached itself to
> the dock (that is what i meant by 'docking the app' in my previous post).
> 3. Now right click the docked icon and select 'Settings' from the menu.
> 4. In the settings dialog select 'Start when Window Maker is started' and,
> if you want to, the 'Lock' option. Docker will now start automatically when
> you login into WindowMaker.
> 5. Make sure you have NetworkManager service enabled and running:
> $ chkconfig NetworkManager on
> $ service NetworkManager restart
> 6. Launch the nm-applet:
> $ nm-applet &
> If this works, include "nm-applet &" in the
> "GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/autostart" file
> Hopefully, that should do it. If not, let us know. If you have any questions
> (including those about WindowMaker) feel free to ask.
That went perfect. Now I am online on wmaker.

I ran pidgin too. However it didn't go as smoothly. Most of the time
it didn't appear on the dock or even a window for that matter. I tried
running it from,
1. the 'Run' in the right click menu on the desktop,
2. from xterm.
However, it had worked the last time I had logged in. Kinda strange I guess.

Also, I am having trouble NM and Evolution remember the password, but
I guess that calls for another thread after some more extensive

Thanks for the help. :)


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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