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Re: Fedora 10 installation failing and dropping to shell

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 02:13:08PM -0800, Jason Kania wrote:
> First thanks for the reply. The install never made it past this
> point and there weren't enough available OS commands to dig much
> further. I could list the mounted CDROM but navigating onto it
> didn't work. When I attempted to exit the shell, the machine had a
> kernel panic.

I'm a little confused by your response -- do you mean that the
installation didn't complete, or that booting after installation
didn't complete?  I know the latter is true; I was trying to find out
if the installation itself, before you rebooted, seemed to finish
normally.  When it does that, you get a screen with a picture of a
computer, and a message telling you everything finished normally.
Then you can click the Reboot button to reboot into your system.

If the installer seemed to finish normally but you still couldn't boot
up afterward, that's a different situation from one in which the
installer quit prematurely, or if you interrupted it in the middle and
rebooted anyway.  Can you be more precise about exactly what happened
at the end of actually running the installer?

> After a bunch of playing I decided to switch out the CD Drive for a
> Panasonic and live boot proceeded to completion. I then tried the
> original CD Drive with Debian 4 and my Fedora 6 versions and things
> were fine so I am wondering if there is some driver brittleness for
> the CDROM. It is an LG that is about 2 years old, nothing
> exotic. For both working and not working cases, the CD Drive was an
> IDE slave.
> In my case, I can use the other CD. What might be helpful is to
> detect unhappiness with the CD drive and generally indicate that
> that is the problem before dropping to shell.

It's not unheard of for driver updates to regress for a very small
number of drives.  You may want to post a bug with the exact hardware
information for the problem drive in question.  You can file it
against the kernel using Bugzilla:


There's a page on the wiki about how to file bugs:


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