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Re: Fedora fail for Blender :( Ubuntu works... windows also fail :)

this past weekend we organized Blender workshop and to my surprise
Fedora 10 failed on few computers for running this workshop! :(
This is the bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=47915

The good news is that we had few laptops with ATI graphic cards so
they worked. To make Fedora not look like it sucks Windows came to the
rescue :) Blender running on Windows laptops has even more issues :)
Latest Ubuntu has no issues with running Blender on same hardware.

Do you have some success/fail stories regarding Blender?

ps. Blender is awesome!!!


I'm running Blender on Fedora 9 and it works well except selecting. Not all edges of selected object are pink. For example, when I start blender only two edges of default cube are pink. All other seems to be all right. In a school where I teach Blender, on Windows machines with all the latest updates everything is fine.


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