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Re: OT: wifi antennas

Paul Smith wrote:

> Could someone please advise me regarding USB antennas to improve the
> reception wifi Internet signal?

as already noted in another post, there are no usb antennas, but
there are many external antennas that can be used for most all
wifi systems. even 'built in' if you so desire.

if you really want to get into wifi antennas, check here;

a lot of what is listed are designs from amateur radio, and are
adapted to wifi. most can be built without a lot of experience
in building antennas, several do require some personal ability.

i know that it is a long listing and each link will have more links,
if you bare with it, you will find several designs that will do what
you want.

also, have a look at;


for safety, have a look at;


peace out.



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