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Re: ATT's DSL Lite for Linux

Tim wrote:

> Or any...  Just about all electronic gadgets in this country are
> imported, with often just a retail outfit being your only point of
> contact. 

u.s.a. used to be a proud country by making most all their electronic
products, with just a few exceptions of imports from england, germany,
and sweden.

then good old itt started importing cheap tubes from japan and it was not
long after that things started going down hill.

just as has happened with automobiles, when japan noted how many people
where buying vw's for economics, they new they had another market.

i am not against union labor, but because of expense factor, a lot of
semiconductor companies started having work done in japan for cheaper
labor. all that did was to help them improve on their designs and now
entire asia is exporting everywhere.

u.s.a.'s agreement with china embargo and 'little red book' did not help
matters any either.

too many manufacturers have failed to read revelations and understand
just what was written.

> If you can't walk in and get the shop to manage replacing
> something that's duff, it's often just not economical or efficient to
> get it replaced.

this is where you do come out ahead with online buying. most of them
keep their advertising cost down with internet and reach a larger market
thru web links and google searches. they have to drop price and be highly
competitive and back their products with good warranty.

peace out.



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