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Re: eth0 not working - fine in Windows

| From: Rick Stevens <ricks nerd com>

| I think this comes from the "wake on LAN" (WOL) feature of most modern
| mobos.  To make it go completely dead, you need to unplug the net cable.
| Perhaps there's a BIOS setting to have the system ignore that feature?
| I can understand that if WOL is active, you don't want a boot to reset
| the NIC (that would sorta defeat the purpose of WOL).  If WOL isn't
| needed, a boot should reset the NIC completely.

I think that this is a Linux driver bug.  Probably due to a lack of
documentation of some feature of the hardware.

This started to be a problem for me about a little over year ago when
an upgraded Windows XP driver was released for the Realtek network

I wrote in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/118835 :

    I don't really care about the MS Windows driver. The interesting
    fact is that the hardware was left in a state, even after hardware
    reset, that the Linux driver could not deal with. That is a real
    deficiency in the Linux driver.

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