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Re: Update revisor

Terry Polzin wrote:
My goal is to respin a DVD image with all the updates and then upgrade from it. Doing this makes the upgrade process faster as after the first boot you don't spend several hours updating. It is not clear what configuration files, (and I am sure that there is more than one that needs to be modified) to provide the ability to build a new and updated F10 image. I am reluctant to build a new image on my one laptop which is running F10 as something possibly KDE4 is sucking resources away even though this is a laptop with (an older) 2ghz CPU.

Revisor possibly needs the ability to download updated config files from the mirrors.

You do not want Revisor version in Fedora 8 to spin the Fedora 10 media you are going to use to upgrade.

Fedora Unity is working on a Fedora 10 Re-Spin as we speak (in fact, I am working on it while I'm typing this, and Fedora Unity's Test Team will take over as soon as I publish the product somewhere).

You may be interested in participating in our Test Team even if only you report your upgrade from Fedora 8 went good or bad.


Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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