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Re: OT: wifi antennas

On Friday 30 January 2009 08:03:12 Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> Anne Wilson <annew kde org> writes:
> > When your walls are 30" thick, drilling is big job :-) Wifi does
> > well enough, though, between floors.
> Jeez what kind of bunker is that?  Is that one of those "bullet-proof"
> hosting facilities. ;-)
It's a 16C-in-part stone built farmhouse :-)  The walls very between 30" and 
24" - the traditional way was a double skin of stone filled with rubble and 
clay.  Cabling the house was a nightmare.

> Can 2.4 ghz wifi even go through concrete that thick?
I don't attempt it through those walls, but it's useful for running more than 
one laptop in this room and for being able to take my laptop upstairs.  I'm 
realistic about what it can do.  If I stay aligned with the windows I can get 
a signal outside, but not strong, and not far away from the wall, so although 
I use WPA, I'm not too anxious about the security of it.


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