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Re: Windowmaker and NetworkManager

Hi Steve,

2009/1/29 steve <steve lonetwin net>:
> Hello Suvayu,
> suvayu ali wrote:
>> That went perfect. Now I am online on wmaker.
> Good to know ! Welcome to the club !

I am not using anything else ever again. Awesome! Specially after your _tip_ :p

>> I ran pidgin too. However it didn't go as smoothly. Most of the time
>> it didn't appear on the dock or even a window for that matter. I tried
>> running it from,
>> 1. the 'Run' in the right click menu on the desktop,
>> 2. from xterm.
>> However, it had worked the last time I had logged in. Kinda strange I
>> guess.
> Yes, that is strange, it has never happened to me. However, I do start my
> pidgin in offline mode (ie: the -n (or --nologin) option), so don't know
> whether pidgin would wait for NM to connect and then go online before
> showing the applet or the window.

If only I could get pidgin to work consistently ... but its a minor
hitch I guess.

>> Also, I am having trouble NM and Evolution remember the password, but
>> I guess that calls for another thread after some more extensive
>> searching.
> Hmm, well, this *might* have to do with the gnome-keyring-daemon. You
> haven't mentioned whether you use gdm, but i remember seeing a post on this
> list that the NM and other apps with ask you for a password if your login
> password is not the same as your keyring password.

I am using gdm and as you said, it was indeed the gnome-keyring. I had
never set it up since I installed F10, and for some reason it had
taken some default password of its own. A li'l google search, got rid
of that and now it accepts my login as the password and NM and
Evolution "remember" their respective passwords.

> [1] Now the tip i spoke about. Window Maker is very keyboard friendly, so
> you can bind any application as well as builtin actions to keyboard
> shortcuts. The way to do this also is very easy:
> a. Fire up the Window Maker Preference utility:
> $ WPerfs
> b. Scroll to the icon with the menu picture
> c. A menu will pop up, select the menu item you want to bid to a shortcut
> d. In the Keyboard Shortcut dialog, click Capture and then press your
> keyboard shortcut (for ex. I use Mod1+r for the run dialog and Mod1+t for
> opening a terminal)
> e. To bind window maker actions (like maximizing/minimizing windows etc)
> select the icon with the keyboard picture and do the same. For example you
> can use the 'windows key' on your keyboard to show the applications menu.
> Once you start binding your most common apps to keyboard shortcuts, and
> start using them, you'll soon forget about the mouse :).

Once again many thanks for getting me started. Can't thank you enough.
"I 'm loving it".

> cheers,
> - steve


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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