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Understanding the mystery of printing?

I just got a new HP Photosmart C5580 which can (among other things)
print on inkjet printable DVDs and CDs. My current goal (probably
hopeless :-) is to tweak the .ppd file for the copy of the printer
I made which defaults to the DVD tray and DVD paper size so that
any application I care to print from will print in the middle
of the DVD (a quest that will probably take years and cost
thousands of lives :-).

My first big mystery came with sample printouts I made of a
hashmark pattern I could use to measure how far off from the
center I am: Both inkscape and gimp print the pattern with
the exact same offsets from the center of the CD, but open
office prints with a completely different offset.

As near as I can tell, I've told every app the page size is
the same and there are no margins. They all print the marks
scaled the same with the same distance between marks, so
does anyone have any clue why open office thinks the center
of the media is in a different place? Is there some obscure
printer setup option I missed somewhere in OO?

Even if I can figure how to tweak the .ppd file, it won't
do much good if different applications use it a different way :-).

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