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Re: OpenOffice Draw for Site Maps?

On Friday 30 January 2009 10:48:44 Mike Cloaked wrote:
> Anne Wilson-4 wrote:
> > Mike, this is the reply I got:
> >> I haven't got an install of kivio anymore, so I cannot check, but I
> >> suspect
> >> that this is the typical Fedora problem where all import/export filters
> >> for
> >> all KOffice apps are in a separate package.
> >>
> >> Mike, could you check whether you've got something like koffice-filters
> >> installed?
> >
> > Anne
> Yes, Anne, that reply was off-list.  He is right - I did not have
> koffice-filters installed (how would I know that it was necessary?). 

Apparently it is a Fedora thing.  Another dev answered in less than 
complimentary terms about this practice, of shipping them separately.

> Anyway after installing koffice-filters then kivio does have the image
> format options for saving files.
It would help me with the userbase entry if you would tell me what formats you 
had before and what you have after installing the filters.

> So the more optimal way to install it would be
> yum install koffice-kivio koffice-filters
> as one command.

I'll mention that.


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