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Re: AGP PRO Video replacement -

g wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:

I have an F-10 box that will not post, it just keeps trying to start intermittently. I have reduced the system to power supply, motherboard, and video card with the same result. Changing the power supply does not help. I do not have a spare video card to try but would like to try one before I give up on the motherboard-processor.

before you go thru trouble of video card, have a look at;


then cut search bar to just "bad cap". note badcap.net, check them out
for more detail.

rest of links will also give you some good reading about capacitor failures.

'bad cap' also hit several power supply mfg's also.

Ok, I read that. I will pull the board out again and examine it to see whose capacitors they used and look for anything I can see with my limited eyesight. I've changed a lot of swollen electrolytics but have trouble seeing what I'm doing anymore ... And they don't have to have external signs to be bad, they can look ok and just be sitting there doing nothing! Computer boards are a hard thing to troubleshoot if not impossible.

I prolly need to bite the bullet and buy something else, I need another computer.

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