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Re: AGP PRO Video replacement -

Bob Goodwin wrote:

> Ok, I read that.  I will pull the board out again and examine it to see 
> whose capacitors they used and look for anything I can see with my 
> limited eyesight.

if you want to save your eyes, check http://www.badcap.net about board repair.

they have a repair service and kits for various boards. using students as
they are, repair cost is low and may well be worth it.

> And they don't have to have 
> external signs to be bad, they can look ok and just be sitting there 
> doing nothing!  Computer boards are a hard thing to troubleshoot if not 
> impossible.

i will not argue that point. i started repairing cards in s100 days. when
'ibm clone' can out, i continued until it go too cheap to by a new card.

i still do mainboard, but that has almost gotten to be a thing of past.
even mainboards are dropping in price to where cpu and memory are main

asian's sure know how to make it hard this days to make a living. i am not
against union labor in manufacturing, but they have drained this country
down to where revelations is going to 'right on'.

peace out.



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