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Re: [OT] linux viruses statics

Bruno Wolff III wrote:

> What are you trying to accomplish? It has been known almost from the start
> of virus scanning, that blacklists were a broken way to do things. So there
> really isn't a need to get a list of viruses or worms. If you want lists,
> you want lists of code that is OK to run.

in discussions on other lists and some local friends that run ms,
i would like to know numbers, not guesstimate's of what is what.

just to say to me some random number or percent is not acceptable,
and i do not wish to do same.

and as for failures of 'blacklist', i do agree. my isp had you post
held up in 'mail guard'. :) why, i do not know, but they do now
know that it was in error.

peace out.



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