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Re: Linksys WVC54GCA camera, anyone?

Timothy Murphy wrote:

> I have a couple of these Linksys
> "Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Camera"s
> which I'm trying to install on my Fedora network.
> I'm using a Linksys WRT54GL router (running Linux dd-wrt)
> with 64-bit WEP encryption.
> (I know the supposed dangers of this,
> but one of the laptops in use does not seem to support WPA.)
> Anyway, the camera comes with a Windows Setup CD.
> The setup program does not seem to work with WEP.
> (It works fine if encryption is disabled.)

Not really relevant here, but in case anyone else has this problem,
I found that after turning off encryption on the network,
setting up the camera with encryption disabled,
and linking to the camera with WiFi,
I could then access the camera software and turn encryption back on.
Then when I turned encryption back on the router
I could see the camera video and all was well.

I have another WVC54GCA camera, and I'm going to see
if I can do the whole thing through Linux on that.

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