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Re: Problem with totem

On Fri, 30 Jan 2009 08:01:45 -0800 (PST) GMS S wrote:
> Totem worked for me when i first installed Fedora 10.
> But after re-installation of Fedora 10 ,this problem occurs.
> Anyone knows the way solve this problem.
Tipically I use xine engine with totem, instead of gstreamer.
You can do:

yum install totem-xine

then you can use totem-backend to verify if setting xine as backend
solves the problem and eventually set it as the default engine for

[gcecchi tekkaman ~]$ totem-backend --help
Error: No backend name passed.
- As root, to set the default backend, system-wide:
       /usr/bin/totem-backend -b <backend name>

- As a normal user, to run a program with a specific backend:
       /usr/bin/totem-backend -b <backend name> <program name>
[program options...]

- "backend name" is one of gstreamer or xine
- "program name" is one of totem, totem-audio-preview,
  totem-video-indexer or totem-video-thumbnailer

In totem gui you see the engine with
Help --> About
and with xine set you get in the window:
Movie Player using xine-lib version


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