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Re: Anyway like to "Test" the java site below. F9


* Nigel Henry <cave dnb2m97pp aliceadsl fr> [2009-01-31 11:54]:
> I assume your asking me to try the F10 version of the plugin on F9. Yes?

I'm not sure it's been tested on F9 but yes, that's what he meant.

> I am still puzzled though, as to why, on Opera, and Konqueror, if I set a path 
> to java, as on my original post, there is no problem with the jigzone site.

I don't know.  jigzone uses LiveConnect which doesn't work at all with
gcjwebplugin which is what was included with Fedora 9.  jigzone is one
of the test sites that Deepak Bhole used while working on LiveConnect

> What exactly is this "Live Connect"?

It's the Java<->JavaScript bridge that many applet sites make use of.
Support for it first appeared in Fedora 10.  In Fedora 9, the browser
plugin was the old gcjwebplugin.  In Fedora 10, it's the completely
re-written IcedTeaPlugin which has support for LiveConnect.



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