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Re: Understanding the mystery of printing?

Andrew Haley wrote:
> Dan Haskell (mumblyjoe) wrote:
>> I'm having the same spelling problem with FireFox with a fresh F10
>> (it's not "Fedora Core" any more, right? :)) install. If you right
>> click in a text box, at the bottom of the menu is a Languages
>> sub-menu. I think that's where you change dictionaries. Mine was set
>> to en_NZ by default!
> en_NZ dictionary, eh?  I'm just thinking about how it would differ
> from other non-US English dictionaries.  I can think of "jandals",
> "dags"[1], "kumara", "puckeroo", and a few others.  :-)
> Andrew.
> [1]  Yeah, I know this one is actually Middle English.
It looks like they forgot to include the en_US dictionary. I guess
it uses en_NZ when it can not find it.


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