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Xemacs over ssh tunnel question

My Desktop system at work is an HP Integrity (IA64) with Fedora 9 and a GNOME desktop. Because I do a lot of compiling under xemacs, I ssh -X to a RHEL 5.2 system to run xemacs. Under RHEL 4, everything worked fine, but under RHEL 5.2 I am unable to click on any buttons on a dialog box. Everything else works fine.

If I log into a RHEL 5.2 console through a KVM, things work fine. So, the issue seems to be some combination of a Fedora 9 IA64 host running xemacs through ssh and X forwarding through the tunnel.

One solution is that I could install RHEL 5.1 on the workstation, but I would prefer Fedora. AFAIK, Fedora 10 is not yet available for IA64.

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