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Re: Where to get the java plugin for F10. I'm using F9

On Saturday 31 January 2009 22:25, Agile Aspect wrote:
> Nigel Henry wrote:
> > Where do I get the java plugin from for F10. I'm using F9, but have
> > problems with some java sites, and believe that the F10 version of the
> > plugin resolves these problems.
> >
> > I've already tried altering my sources list in apt to the F10 everything
> > repo, but am getting parsing errors, which is annoying to say the least.
> >
> > All I want to do is download an rpm for the the java plugin for F10, but
> > can't find it anywhere. and I have tried google, but that's a waste of
> > time.
> >
> > A link would be helpfull, and I'd be most gratefull for that.
> >
> > Nigel.
> It depends upon which JDK you're using.
> If you're using Sun's JDK or OpenJDK, download the software and extract
> the library libjavaplugin_oji.so.

As I've already mentioned on previous posts, I;m using the java version that 
was installed as part of the Fedora9 install. I know that Sun's jre will 
access the java sites that I'm having problems with, with no problems. All I 
am asking is where I can download the java plugin for F10, so that I can 
replace the java plugin that I have on my F9 install with the one for F10, 
which apparently will allow me to access the www.jigzone.com site, and the 
java applets for the jigsaws on that site, will then load/initiate.

Policital crap removed, as Im trying to resolve a problem on my machine, and 
have not the slightest interest in the politics of any country.

Thanks for your reply.


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