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Re: Poor WiFi Performance

Mike Cloaked wrote:
> I have several laptops connecting to the same AP and all set up with F10
> with the same apparent configs.... the difference is that one has 3945,
> another 4965 a 3rd ipw2200 and the last one with an atheros based chip and
> they all see different speeds - the interesting thing is that the one with
> 2945 is also slow like yours - so I believe that this may boil down to the
> current drivers in the Fedora kernel? The ipw2200 one is actually the
> slowest - and 4965 whizzes along very nicely and a lot faster - and all are
> basically the same setup!
Are they all in the same location? (Same room?)
Do they have the same signal level?
What happens when you take the 4965 laptop to the location of the
ipw2200 laptop?


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