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Re: problem with my laptop

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 10:10 AM, Nebur Álvarez B. <neburx86 gmail com> wrote:
> hi!, before, my english is not very well, i'm sorry.
> i have a problem with my laptop (sony vaio vgn-nr330fe), when I execute many
> process, fails gnome and kde, and them does nothing when i try do click in
> anywhere place. I try find the error, but, I nothing found
> I am mindful of your comments
> best regards

Since you provide no data from log files (/var/log/messages), I'll
go with several things:

1) How much memory is there available? Use the free command.
     $ free -m
If you're short on swap space, consider creating a swap file.

2) Try testing with a lightweight desktop like XFCE. Low video ram?

3) Also try stopping services you don't need, maybe sendmail, nfs?

4) Is the Hard Drive OK? maybe it needs a little fsck.

5) Run the dstat command... "yum info dstat".
    $ /usr/bin/dstat


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