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Re: Graphics card recommendation?

2009/6/1 Timothy Murphy <gayleard eircom net>:
> I'm looking for a graphics card satisfying the following criteria:
> 1. Cheap
There are cheap models in both Nvidia's and AMD/Ati's product ranges.

> 2. T&L capability
I'm not sure, but probably almost all graphics cards currently
available will have this, and be able to run Sims 2. I'd ask the shop
salesperson if you can test the card.

> 3. Works under Fedora-10, if possible as is.
I'd go with a AMD/Ati card due to AMD's effort to bring quality open
source drivers to the community. Currently new RadeonHD cards will
work quite nicely, but especially on Fedora 10 there is little
hardware acceleration offered. At least for my Radeon HD3650, Fedora
11 provides some 2D hardware acceleration, and 3D OpenGL acceleration
is also in the works.

With Nvidia cards, you will be able to get pixels to the screen and
probably get the correct resolution for your screen, but AFAIK,
especially open source 3D acceleration is much less complete for
Nvidia cards than for Amd/Ati or Intel devices, due to Nvidia refusing
to release any specifications that would help the community to build
open source drivers for themselves.

For both Nvidia and AMD/Ati, there is also an official closed source
driver available. Nvidia's one is often considered to be better of
these. If 3D performance on Fedora is important to you right now,
Nvidia may be the best choice.

Your choice depends a lot on what you want from your card on Fedora.

Joonas Sarajärvi
muepsj gmail com

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