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Re: update to F11 with yum

On 6/1/2009 3:12 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 01 June 2009, David wrote:
>> On 6/1/2009 12:29 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> On Monday 01 June 2009, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>>> David wrote:
>>>>>> Is there a way I can try to upgrade now to what will be F11 or do I
>>>>>> have to wait another week?
>>>>> Use preupgrade. Works like a charm.
>>>>> How to use PreUpgrade
>>>>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PreUpgrade
>>>>> This will take a while. A long while.
>>>> Assuming you have to check the "Display unstable test releases"
>>>> and then choose Rawhide,
>>>> why not say this?
>>> And it should pointed out that if this is not checked, you have a blank
>>> list, it is NOT possible to select from an uptodate F8 to F10.  That
>>> sucks.
>>> Whats the deal in forcing everybody into rawhide when there is a show
>>> topper bug extant and holding up the F11 release?
>>> That smacks of a rather massive insult to those of us who just want to use
>>> the machine.  It better work or there will be YAKubuntuI before the day is
>>> out. All I wanted to do was add fmit to its (F8 on a HP dv5120us)
>>> repertoire.  But F8 doesn't have libasound which the fmit build needs. 
>>> This F10 built it ok, and fmit itself hasn't been touched since F6 days,
>>> so why can't an F8 install build it?
>>>> It may be obvious to you,
>>>> but would not be to many Fedora users.
>>> Yeah, obviously getting rawhide shoved down our throats. :(
>> For Fedora 8 to Fedora 10 I can not say. Just this weekend I did a
>> preupgrade test of Fedora 9 to Fedora 10 that worked with no problems.
>> I then did a preupgrade test of that same Fedora 10 to what will be,
>> eventually, Fedora 11 which is still Rawhide. Again with no problems.
>> Just time consuming. No one 'forced' me to do an upgrade to Rawhide.
>> --
>>  David
> That was my point, David.  F9 or F10 is not being presented as an option in 
> preupgrade, the only thing you can do is check the box for bleeding edge and 
> chose rawhide.  That has a very high vacuum rating IMO.

Where did you 'get' the preupgrade.

The Fedora 9 that I started with Saturday came with preupgrade. I clean
installed Fedora 9 and did updates to current. When I ran preupgrade, in
Fedora 9, I was offered Fedora 10 or, by checking the box, Rawhide (to
be Fedora 11). Since the Fedora 10 was up-to-date it's preupgrade
offered 'nothing' except the check box that get 'Rawhide'.

There was a bug for some, IIRC, with preupgrade in Fedora 9 to Fedora
10. Some but not all.

Fedora would never 'force' you to use Rawhide. Although it kicks the
poo, IMO, out of Fedora 10. Many changes and improvements. I run Rawhide
all of the time anyway.


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