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Re: update to F11 with yum

On 6/1/2009 5:40 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> David wrote:
>>>> Use preupgrade. Works like a charm.
>>> Assuming you have to check the "Display unstable test releases"
>>> and then choose Rawhide,
>>> why not say this?
>>> It may be obvious to you,
>>> but would not be to many Fedora users.
>> Err... when Fedora 11 is released it will be offered as an option. There
>> is no Fedora 11 release. Yet.
>> And Joe Average User should not be using Rawhide if he can not figure
>> out what you just described as not obvious.
> I suggest that if you are giving advice
> you should say as clearly and as fully as possible
> what the user needs to do,
> regardless of your opinion of their intelligence.

Ah come on Timothy. For heavens sake. You are supposed to be smarter
than what you are doing. All of this information *I* found by reading
about it. Some of it here. Some of it with Google. And other sources.
And what? You want a complete list of instructions from me.? Then go
here. That's what I did. First Google hit "Fedora Preupgrade" on the
first page.

Fedora Preupgrade

And it should be *obvious* that since Fedora 11 has not yet been
released that Fedora 11 should *not* be offered as an upgrade option.

Why are you trying to make this difficult?


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