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Re: update to F11 with yum

On Monday 01 June 2009, David wrote:
>On 6/1/2009 6:36 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Monday 01 June 2009, David wrote:
>>> On 6/1/2009 3:12 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Where did you 'get' the preupgrade.
>> F8 repo via yumex.
>Ok. You had an install of Fedora 8 and you tried/wanted to upgrade to
>Fedora 10? Correct?

Its been running F8 for over a year, just not recently powered up.  There were 
50 packages which took several hours to get and install, then I rebooted and 
installed preupgrade from the F8 repos.  So its been running F8 for about 20 
months when it was running.  I had installed it fresh a week before I took off 
to go say goodby to my daughter Barbara in late fall of 2007.

And yes, what I really wanted was an upgrade to F10.  Now its at rawhide, and 
I have no keyboard or mouse when in x so ATM I'm wandering around in a few 

>It will have to wait until the weekend but Ill d/l Fedora 8 and try this.

TYhanks David but don't worry about it, its done, its broken, and now it must 
be fixed asap cuz  I'll need it for the Michigan trip in addition to running 

And I'll need it 100% functional before the end of the week, this MI job MUST 
be done by midnight June 11.  That part is not even open for discussion. FCC 

>  David

Cheers, Gene
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