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Re: update to F11 with yum

On 6/1/2009 8:14 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> David wrote:
>> And it should be *obvious* that since Fedora 11 has not yet been
>> released that Fedora 11 should *not* be offered as an upgrade option.
>> Why are you trying to make this difficult?
> It's not difficult, it is ambiguous.
> Since the title of the thread is "update to F11"
> it is not unreasonable to suppose it is concerned with
> updating to F11, not to "rawhide".
> Many things that are obvious to you are not obvious to me,
> or I suspect to many others.
> That is why I suggest that you state clearly what you are advising
> people to do, rather than simply say that it is "obvious".

I did not start this thread. I did not pick this Subject:.

I do not know the OP. But I *do* know that, as of today neither you,
him, me, or anyone can update to Fedora 11.

This is what I always thought made docs in Linux a waste. Almost no one
reads docs. Almost no one reads release notes. Almost no one reads FAQs.

Why bother when you can ask on a mailing list. That way you can complain
about the wording of the answer. I'm done here.

Have a good evening.


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