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Re: Gnome keyring password prompt on login

Neil Bird wrote:
> Any ideas why my Fedora 10 desktop login prompts for a GNOME keyring
> password on login (which I've manually set at some point) and my F10
> laptop doesn't (or at least, no longer does:  I think it used to)?

I'll bet on the laptop, you've got a login.keyring and on the desktop,
you've got a default.keyring in ~/.gnome2/keyrings.

If that's the case, deleting the default.keyring and letting gnome
create a login.keyring when you login again might be easiest.  I've
not had any problems with gnome-keyring in a while, so I can't recall
if you need to delete the default.keyring while you're logged out of
gnome (i.e. from a console login perhaps).

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