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Re: maildir setup for mutt

On 02Jun2009 23:51, Christoph H?ger <choeger cs tu-berlin de> wrote:
| I have an IMAP account with multiple mboxes that I sync to a local
| maildir using offlineimap. This works well with evolution. But I cannot
| see anything else than the root (aka INBOX) folder with mutt. 'c' brings
| me down to the parent dir and if I enter the maildir I get the INBOX
| again.
| Does mutt have acceptable maildir support?

I use mutt with maildirs perfectly happily. You will need to go in to
more detail about your arrangements.

I suggest you join the mutt-users list at:
and ask there in more detail.

Your setup does not sound very unusual, and there are willing and experienced
mutt people on the list who can almost certainly help you.

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

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