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Joining wireless and wired networks

I've a computer at home I'm using for a network gateway, which has two
ethernet cards and a wireless card. One of the ethernet cards connects
to the outside world and the wireless side of the network connects to
the internet using iptables to provide NAT and forward the packets over.
The system is also running a dhcp server for the providing IP addresses
to the wireless clients.

What I want to do now is bring in the other ethernet card so computers
attached to that part of the network can connect to the internet and
access the services of the other machines on the network, regardless of
whether they're on the gateway or the wireless network.

I was considering bridging the wireless and the wired networks, but just
wanted to ask for opinions, other options. I''m loooking at eventually
getting a job working with linux systems, so it doesn't have to be a
"what would be best in a home environment" solution.

Thanks for the help,

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