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Re: Fix /boot/grub/grub.conf to chainload Fedora 11 Preview?? and Fedora 9 with chainloader

Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Dear fellow Fedoreans,
> I have a machine which Windows, and Fedora 9 have coexisted happily since Fedora 9 was released.  I shrunk the Windows Partition a bit more and setup an empty place where I installed Fedora 11 Preview(to update it to current Fedora 11 pre or rawhide whichever gets picked up via updates)
> Now I can boot windows and Fedora 11, but can't boot Fedora 9, everything is in there I can see the data, I just can't boot it.  Here's output of fdisk and grub.conf for both Fedora 9 and Fedora 11?? soon to be
This would have been easier to fix before installing the new
version. Probably the fastest fix is to boot the new install, and
re-install Grub to the boot record of /boot. The boot in the rescue
mode of the install DVD or boot CD. Tell it you want to fix
re-install the boot loader of the F9 install. After rebooting into
F9, edit grub and add a chainloader entry to the F11 /boot
directory. You can use the Windows entry as an example.


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