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RE: Upgrade FC3 to FC10

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009, Moessbauer, David wrote:

Yes, we need applications to work in new OS too.

Would CentOS4 address following security concerns:
1. Disable Executive Stack - IE: kernel must support NX feature
2. Linux Kernel Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability that affects
kernels prior to

CentOS 4 is a clone of Red Hat's RHEL4 minus the trademarked stuff (like the Red Hat name and Red Hat specific icons)

Jussi Lehtola wrote:
I suggest you update to CentOS 4 ( http://centos.org/ ), which is
largely based on Fedora Core 3 so the update should be quite painless.
You should even be able to do the update with yum.

You might have to tidy up a lot after a yum update (or indeed any other update from FC3 to CentOS 4), because some packages in a fully patched version of FC3 (eg. the kernel) will have a higher version number than Centos 4, since in RHEL security patches are often backported to the original version of the software in the distribution rather than using the later version that includes the fix.

	Michael Young

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