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Re: F10 stuck at grub -

   Smith, Herb wrote:
   Yes I found a site with the boot.iso stuff and put it on a cd. Even
   then I had problems and finally decided to remove the hard drives
   and replace them with one larger drive which was my ultimate
   intention anyway. Even then the livecd had trouble trying to install
   over an existing F-10 on that larger drive. I had to reformat it
   with fdisk ... Then the livecd install went as expected.

   I also learned a few other things ....

   I believe most of my trouble was due to an item in the BIOS setup
   that I had not noticed before which forced it to boot from the first
   drive and I had put everything on the second. I didn't notice that
   until I replaced the drives and went through the BIOS settings for
   the nth time!

   We get too late smart.

   Thanks to all for the help. Now to continue my file server


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