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Re: Blocking an IP for one user

Nifty Fedora Mitch wrote:
On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 05:53:19PM +0100, Paul wrote:

My son is getting to that "funny" age whereby I need to keep certain
sites away from him.

Is there any way that I can block an IP address or certain keywords from
his user settings so that it doesn't matter which browser he uses, he
can't access them?

For example, I want to block the BBC websites wholesale or anything with
the words Microsoft, MSN or Hotmail in the URL - you get the idea - but
also an IP range such as 172.168.*.*

In the US most ISPs have parental tools that filter use those
if you have them in the UK.

Some home network boxes have tools.

The best strategy is to block the entire family including yourself.
Squid or another proxy tool is the foundation of more filters.

However children are clever.  Nothing will keep them out when they want in.
Kids have their own code words for 'stuff' and keep changing them...

I just read an article that Microsofts new "Bing" search engine will show preview videos of porn. I guess you can "Bing" to the block.

I would look at the proxy issue and route the computer through a firewall/desktop server. Most desktops now come with two ports. A bit of wiring and home free. Block the mac address at the router/firewall to it will only work through the proxy/firewall.

It takes some time to learn the firewall rules but the proxy may make it easier.

I feel it is better to train your children and trust them. If they cannot feel free to discuss these issues at home, they will find it someplace else.

Have fun being a parent.  I know that I am.

Robin Laing

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