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Re: Skype under Fedora-10

Incidentally, is there any alternative to Skype
that works under Linux and Windows XP?

Until someone hacks the proprietary Skype system, and I haven't seen any
notice that someone has, you're not going to see a non-Skype program
that can connect to other Skype programs.

Skype's a lousy idea, for various reasons, and that's just one of them.

A blanket statement bound to generate flames if I ever saw one.  I might
as well start the flame fest.

I disagree, Tim.  Skype is a good idea.  There are bits that could be
done better, but parts of the service require quite a bit of capital
investment and there has to be a way to fund that.  Subscriptions is
one way.

When I was in Europe two years ago, I was able to call my mother in the
USA on her land line to check on her (she's 80 and lives alone).  The
cost using Skype was easily less than 25% of what it would have cost me
using my cell phone and standard connections.

That ability alone as well as the converse (permitting regular telephone
users such as my mother the ability to contact my computer via a phone
number) is terrific.  My mom is something of a technophobe.  She'll deal
with the phone, but will have nothing whatsoever to do with computers
(took me weeks to teach her how to use the OnStar in her car...and that
uses voice commands!).

You don't need to hack the system.  Use H.323/SIP clients (ekiga, etc.)
and talk computer-to-computer all you want.  I don't buy the "if it's on
the  Internet it HAS to be free, therefore we should hack into it"
mantra.  If it's something that services a need I have, I don't mind
paying for it--in fact I expect to.  I don't believe in entitlements of
any sort.  In Skype's case, someone's got to pick up the bill for the
PBX systems.  They only charge if you intend to use the PBX anyway.  Do
you prepay your cell minutes?  I'm always dumbfounded by people who do
that yet expect their Internet access to be free.

Do I wish their Linux client was more solid?  Yes.  Do I wish they had a
native 64-bit version? Yes. Do I wish it was open source and able to be improved upon by others? Yes. However, even in its current state it
works (even with PulseAudio) and I'm fine with it and their service.

Your mileage may vary.

I just wanted to speak up also and say that I agree that it's a good program. I've been telling anyone that wants to use Skype that it's one of the easiest, trouble free programs to install and use.

The people behind Skype clearly went out of their way to create a program that works and is easy to understand/use.

Sheesh.... they even have that very simple "User" called "Test Call" for testing that your sound is working correctly. So simple... so strait-forward.

I would have to vote Skype the best Multi-platform program that I've used with Linux.


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