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Re: Where is eth0/eth1/assigned -

Mike Burger wrote:
Mike Burger wrote:
    I am still struggling with this f10 install. It appeared that the
    NIC in eth0 was no good. I pulled it out and left the second card
    which was/is eth1.

    It looks to me like that designation eth1 might be changed to eth0
    using ethtool but if so, I can't find the right command.

    I have used service-config-network to set it up as
    eth1, network-scripts is set up for eth1. but no matter what I do
    ping to another computer yields "Network is unreachable."

    This is a wired connection. I've tried a different cat5 cable.
    "ethtools eth1" looks ok compared to the other computers. Not sure
    what I have missed but it would be simpler perhaps if I could
    convince the NIC that it was eth0 instead of eth1 but I can't
    determine how that is set.

    Any help appreciated. I am about at wits end.

Actually, it's probably in your /etc/modprobe.conf file.

    /etc/modprobe.conf is an empty file?
    Do I need to use it to change the eth designation? Don't know how
    but ...
Used to...it's possible that it's being done via udev, at this point.
Lemme look around at ethtool and udev info.
Did a little googling of "udev eth designation" and found this:


The short of it is to edit /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.

You can remove the line for eth0, then take the line for eth1, and as long
as the "ATTR{address}" line matches the MAC address of your current eth1
NIC, just change:




Reboot, and voila!!!

   You are correct, I had considered it might be tied to a MAC address!
   But I never would have found that file without your help.

   Now I have to fix the rest of the network config stuff.

   Thanks much.


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