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Re: Grub problem.

On 04/06/09 23:44, g wrote:
> Erik P. Olsen wrote:
>> Tried a last time to chainload into (hd1,8) but got "Geom error", so I am
>> probably stuck with the first solution which is OK until I dump the F10 system.
> being that you are running raid, i am not [yet], and there is a difference,
> log this page http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/ and chose a manual.

Thanks for pointing to this manual. I've found good explanation in it.
> i pulled html and pdf last year to get my head into grub, but i did not
> get into sections for raid. i did skim them and from what i recall and
> i have seen in post on this tsl, there is a difference.
> i wish i could help you further with your geometry error. possibly if you
> post some detail of how you are setup and what full error message is,
> someone else on list can give you further help.

The full error message *is* "Geom error". I found it described in the
manual, but none of the possible reasons seem to fit my situation. At
another place is mentioned that "BIOS cannot access over 1024 cylinders" and
this could very well be the problem.
> being that grub manual is a quick download, i would suggest you pull a copy
> and read up on what and how of grub.
> i apologizes for not being of help with raid.

Not at all, I do appreciate your help.


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