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Re: update to F11 with yum

2009/6/4 Alan Evans <ame fedora gmail com>:
> On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 2:49 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Alan Evans wrote:
>>> Actually, not that either. A closer examination of yum output reveals:
>>>     removing basesystem-10.0-1.noarch. It is not required by anything
>>>     else.
>>> This is being tagged for removal by the remove-with-leaves plugin.
>> So remove that broken plugin. It just does not work!
> It certainly does work. I wouldn't use it otherwise. I'm really fond
> of being able to try out a new application, the installation of which
> draws in a bunch of library packages, and then decide I don't want it
> and remove the whole lot without needing to remember what was
> installed incidental to the application.
> Do you have specific information about it being broken?

It's certainly broken in that it removes something it shouldn't...
Note the description of basesystem:

Basesystem defines the components of a basic Fedora system (for
example, the package installation order to use during bootstrapping).
*Basesystem should be in every installation of a system, and it
should never be removed.*

> Or is it
> possible that some package that I'm removing has a requirement for
> basesystem that it shouldn't have?

On my example system (which is x86_64 only), there is only one package
which requires basesystem and that package is not required by any

[sam samlap ~]$ rpm -q --queryformat="%{NAME}\n" --whatrequires basesystem
[sam samlap ~]$ rpm -q --queryformat="%{NAME}\n" --whatrequires preload
no package requires preload

> Or else other packages that I'm not
> trying to remove lack a requirement for basesystem that they should
> have?

basesystem is a meta-package. It contains no files and it's only
purpose is to require the packages that comprise the "Base System"
(setup,filesystem,rpm), it's like the root of the dependency tree...


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