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Re: Skype under Fedora-10

2009/6/5 Rick Stevens <ricks nerd com>:
> Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Rick Stevens wrote:
>>> Regardless of your feelings about proprietary software, the vast
>>> majority of Windows users--through ignorance, stupidity or laziness--
>>> use Skype.  There's no getting around it.  Sorry, but that's just how
>>> it is.  No one said life was fair or was going to conform to your
>>> expectations, despite how noble they may be.
>> By accepting that "everyone else uses Skype, so I will too" you're
>> contributing to the problem, because the people who want to talk to you
>> over VoIP will think the same because of you.
> I knew this was going to devolve into a pissing contest.  We have
> different views of the world, obviously.  You want it absolutely pure
> OSS.  Fine.  I'd like it to be OSS.  No matter how much we want it, it's
> simply not going to happen.
> I am a realist. <snip>

Thank you sir, I was thinking earlier about whether I should note the
difference between an idealist and a realist/pragmatist, but I went
and had a cup of tea instead. When I came back, you'd done all the

I appreciate Kevin's point of view (and I will defend to the death his
right to hold it), BUT I don't mind using the occasional piece of
closed-source software when the time is right and at the appropriate
juncture. That said, I don't use Skype ;o)

+1 to you (I'm a realist because I use kmod-nvidia)


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