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Re: Skype under Fedora-10

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Rick Stevens wrote:
Regardless of your feelings about proprietary software, the vast
majority of Windows users--through ignorance, stupidity or laziness--
use Skype.  There's no getting around it.  Sorry, but that's just how
it is.  No one said life was fair or was going to conform to your
expectations, despite how noble they may be.

By accepting that "everyone else uses Skype, so I will too" you're
contributing to the problem, because the people who want to talk to you
over VoIP will think the same because of you.

By actually REFUSING to install Skype and explaining why (also pointing out
practical issues, e.g. that 32-bit multilibs are a PITA), you may actually
get people to install software speaking open protocols, which in turn may
get their friends to do the same and so on and you may help spreading open
standards instead of proprietary lock-in.

but at the moment no open source alternative exist, at least in a client program,

some months ago I searched a alternative not to skype, but MSN, well I tried to find the following caracteristics:
- Instant Messaging
- chat via Voice/Video
- User friendly client

the only one alternative in opensource was jabber, seems which jabber have a protocol defined for Video/voice, but no client is available under Linux supporting Video/Voice, well I don't find one, the only client available if from google and only runs under windows. so at the moment no alternative exist at least under Linux, well when I searched none exists.

I understand your points above propietary software and legacy programs,
my desktop machine run under x86_64, without flash

I discarded SIP because is create another account, already I have too many accounts by the same reason I discarded skype


But there are protocols which are not appropriate for anything, and
proprietary protocols are part of that.

If SIP is not good enough, we need to help getting a better open protocol
worked on, not use a proprietary one.

        Kevin Kofler

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