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Re: Grub problem.

Erik P. Olsen wrote:

> Thanks for pointing to this manual. I've found good explanation in it.

you are welcome.

i just now looked back thru manual to find that 'raid' was not mentioned,
so i am recalling something that was posted on setting up a raid boot.

i did a search thru past year of emails for 'body contains':

 words               matches
'grub + raid + boot'  60
'grub.conf'          365

so it looks like i need to change search to narrow down what i am trying
to recall.

> The full error message *is* "Geom error". I found it described in the
> manual, but none of the possible reasons seem to fit my situation. At
> another place is mentioned that "BIOS cannot access over 1024 cylinders" and
> this could very well be the problem.

i believe that this is related to boot up, partition, and locating kernel
files, ie, '/boot'. after boot, linux takes over and there is no limit now.
exact reasoning evades me at this late hour.

also, did you have a look at 'chainloader'? do a <ctrl+f> and enter 'chain'
to find all of info. you must load grub into partition you want to chain
for it to work. [i did some refresh reading]

> Not at all, I do appreciate your help.

you are very welcome.

something that is going thru my head and i am wondering, how are you
addressing drives?

master/slave or cable select?

if they are western digital, you need to set them as 'cable select'.

i had some problems addressing my 2 wd 120g0 drives that was solved by
changing jumpers to 'cable select'. i do not recall what actual problem
was, but checking wd site, this was recommend.

it is getting late here in memphi, and i have an early morning schedule.
will check back when i return home to see where you are.



peace out.



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