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Re: Kernel update broke my system.

Smith, Herb wrote, On 05/29/2009 02:27 PM:
Can't boot into anything when all you get is the GRUB_ prompt.  Wrote to
the help me list to figure out what to do to get my system back.  Once I
get it back I'll be able to try a lot of different things.  From the
respones of some, it seems that it's an issue with GRUB, but it's
unclear that there is an underlying kernel issue or not.  It would seem
that the kernel might be ok, but just that GRUB got hosed in the update

Which is why I am still curious ...
On an installed system, WHY do we need to reinstall _grub_ when there is a kernel UPDATE?????

Yes there may be/probably is a problem with grub or the grub reinstall process, but to what purpose (besides to keep this set of bugs open) is grub being reinstalled for a kernel update.
What is the problem that reinstalling grub with kernel updates is solving?
Granted I am assuming that it is something other than the kernel maintainer is just too lazy to remove the grub reinstall calls from either the kernel spec file or /sbin/new-kernel-pkg.

Yes, I do realize that the previous kernel is still there, but was also
curious as to what could cause this.  It appears, from the lack of
traffic on the topic that not many have had this issue.  Wondered if it
was a hiccup in the download process that caused an install to go bad,
or if there was something unique to my system that caused it to go
Sorry for trying to understand...

Herb Smith

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From: David [mailto:dgboles comcast net] Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 12:49 PM
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Subject: Re: Kernel update broke my system.

On 5/29/2009 1:16 PM, David Burns wrote:
Is there a way to test whether my system has this problem
without rebooting?

the Updater is doing that job, and it nuked my system too.

You do realize that the kernel that was running when you did the update is still installed? This one that "broke my system.". This one that "nuked my system too.". And that you can boot into it instead of this new one?

Why don't you do that and report this kernel problem to bugzilla? That would surely get the attention of the kernel maintainers more effectively than post to a general 'help me' list.


Todd Denniston
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