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Re: Common F11 Bugs

On 6/5/2009 4:25 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Jun 2009, Paul W. Frields wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> All software has bugs.  Some are known, and some are unknown.
>> Fortunately with free/libre and open source software, we have the
>> ability to diagnose and understand bugs.
>> In advance of Fedora 11 release, of course everyone has been hard at
>> work stomping out bugs, but there are still issues we know are not
>> fixed in the release.  For many of these we have workarounds.
>> We've made a wiki page that records these bugs:
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F11_bugs
>   do any of those bugs refer to the fact that (at least for me)
> firefox is still teeth-grindingly slow?   i've mentioned this before
> and i've tried everything i can think of to speed it up but, at this
> point, it's utterly unusable.  even sitting there, it perpetually
> sucks up 100% of the CPU on a dual core system, while seamonkey will
> happily sit there, idling along at about 0.8%.
>   i'll give it another shot with F11 but, really, i can't believe how
> utterly useless firefox is.

First off Firefox in F11 is FF 3.5 beta 4.

I have seen you mention this problem before today. And I have not seen
any 'me too' replies. This must be a problem with your setup or system.

Is this with *all* sites? Or just some? Surely not just one site? Give
an example URL please.

Do you have the same extensions installed in both Firefox and Seamonkey?

Do you use Flash Block? If a site is blocked, the default, it can slow
the site down as it fights to display.

Another thing to look at is the 'languages' installed in Firefox by
Fedora. You, I figure, speak English which is built in. Disable the many
other languages.

I have a couple of other ideas but start here.


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